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Deployment involves packaging up your Clojure code as a .war (Web application ARchive) file then copying the file to a directory where it will be recognized and run up by a web application server.

Why is deployment necessary?

Your web application must live somewhere other than your own desktop or laptop. A production environment is the canonical version of your current application and its associated data.

Deployment hosting options

Four options exist for hosting your web application. Three of them involve setting up the operating system, system packages, security and Clojure dependencies during deployment. The fourth, using a platform-as-a-service, abstracts away much of the set up at the cost of higher pricing and loss of infrastructure control. The four options are

  1. "Bare metal" servers

  2. Virtualized servers

  3. Infrastructure-as-a-service

  4. Platform-as-a-service

Deployment resources

How would you like to deploy your web app?

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