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Future Directions

I created Full Stack Clojure because the positive reaction for Full Stack Python made me hopeful that I could apply a similar approach with the Clojure community.

This short section lays out my thoughts on what I'm working to improve in the intermediate-to-long term. Full Stack Clojure will be my second priority in 2014 behind Full Stack Python. Therefore it's likely this site will grow slowly for the first few months before I can put greater emphasis on fleshing out every section.

These plans can change based on pull requests and issue tickets from the community. I work to integrate PRs within a day so please submit one when you see a fix or improvement that needs to be made!

Here are some things I'm actively working on:

  • Creating basic sections for web applications, deployments and builds.

  • Adding my backlog of resources I've been collecting into appropriate sections.

That's what coming. What would you like to learn right now?

Let me start over from the Full Stack Clojure introduction.

What's changed on Full Stack Clojure since the site began?

I want to learn how to code a Clojure web application now.