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You're an experienced programmer with a language or two under your belt. You keep hearing amazing compliments from the smartest developers you know about this esoteric language called Clojure. The functional programming style is something you've been meaning to better understand for awhile, so why not learn the language by creating a useful web application?

Clojure is a functional, dynamically typed language with a syntax influenced by LISP. Compiled Clojure programs run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) just like Java applications.

This guide branches out on topic to lead you to the appropriate topics based on what you're trying to accomplish with Clojure.

Let's get started. What do you need to learn first?

I want to learn how to create a Clojure web application.

I've already built a Clojure web application. I need to deploy it.

I need basic Clojure language syntax resources first.